IAF062: Interview with Joe Rickard former drummer of the band RED

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Interview with Joe Rickard former drummer of the band RED

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Podcast Transcription
Manafest: What’s up guys this is Manafest! Welcome to another podcast episode 62! What’s up this is Manafest! Welcome to another I’m a fighter podcast where we want to entertain, educate, and inspire and remind you that a fighter is someone who never fails. A fighter is someone who never quits!
So stoked we are rocking it. Lots of podcast, lots of good things going on. I don’t know if you’ve heard recently but the chase deluxe edition is out there. The no plan B the chase collector’s edition with all the bonus tracks. Revisiting the chase.
With the 5 year anniversary I am so excited about this if you do not got that go pick it up it’s got like 22 tracks on it. It’s got even more if you get the one off of our website. Go check that out on iTunes, Spotify. Go listen to it and spread the word about the movement on this. I am excited about this podcast because I am interviewing a good friend of mine, Joe Rickard who used to be in the band R3D.
He was the drummer there for many years when they were blowing up and rocking it. They’re still doing a whole bunch of stuff. He actually plays drums for me and as well as a bunch of other bands and he also does some session work for Howard Benson. Super producer, rock producer there. He’s done bands like P.O.D; I think he’s done Papa Roach.
Tons and tons of bands and so he does drums session for him as well too. Really powerful story. You want to get locked in with this. If you know anybody who wants to get involved in the music industry and is specifically a drummer as well or not a drummer doesn’t matter. Tell them to listen to this podcast; it is good!
Well cool Joe! So stoked to be talking to you man! Thank you so much bro for chatting and being willing to take the time inspire some dudes and girls on this fighter podcast! If you were down man; I’d loved you to just kind of introduce yourself and give a little brief history of your career in music and what you’re doing now. Kind of bring people up to speed who may not have heard of Joe Rickard.
Joe Rickard: Yeah! I got started doing music professionally when I was in high school. I got in a band from Phoenix called, “Sky Harbor.” [00:02:20]. And started to earn when I was in junior high school.
That was about 11 years ago and I jumped around a couple of different tours in there. Then when I was 20; started touring with the band R3D. I was with them until I was 27. Did a few albums, did a ton of touring and made some great relationships, had the time of my life. Early last year I had to make a tough decision and I just felt like God was calling me to step out of the band and take a leap of faith and make a move out to California.
So I moved out to California and to pursue some other dreams of mine and just a few [00:03:05]. Take me, you know. Definitely a hard decision but I think there’s a lesson to this to see how God has really provided it for me since I stepped out the [00:03:19].
Manafest: Yeah dude! And that’s totally awesome! That’s where when we met and I’ll came back to that. But we actually met way before or really.
Joel Rickard: Long time ago.
Manafest: Yeah. In a show when you are at the wedding and some; down south.
Joe Rickard: I remember. I still remember the church or venue where playing at. I still remember what it looks like. Is that weird? Am I creeping you out now?
Manafest: I just remembered last Tuesday was there. No, there’s actually…Because we played 2 shows. But I remember you standing out and hanging out from that show. But I don’t remember as much like you specifically at the other show. I remember you guys playing.
As per that sound check being a disaster at that one show. You guys were just a having to figure out stuff and the guys were just goofing around while they were trying to figure out stuff. That was just when I was rocking the Ipod. So I didn’t have any sound difficulties, but.
Joe Rickard: Sounds about right man. Those shows back then set you up touring and sleeping and taking rest stops where we could. No money for food. Eating McDonalds there. Rough sound systems and sound checks. Yeah, that was crazy! It’s a crazy life!
Manafest: What do you say; I see that term thrown around with bands and artists. I think as personally as goals and stuff that we have. Where do you think you felt like it was you have made it as an artist, as a musician? For me it was when I felt like I went to Japan for the first time and people outside of North America actually liked and bought my music! I was just, “Okay.” I fell like that was the big moment for me. What was maybe your moment?
Joe Rickard: My moment; I think… It’s tough, when we released our 3rd album, “Until we have faces.”
Manafest: Yeah, big album!
Joe Rickard: February of 2011. That whole week was crazy and that was, I don’t know I always have big goals. I never thought I would ever go as far as my career as I have. It’s really surreal to think about and look back at all the times everything that’s happened. But I think that week we debut no. 2 at Billboard overall!
Manafest: Wow!
Joe Rickard: We thought we’re going to be no.1 and Nicki Minaj beat us out!
Manafest: That’s so crazy!
Joe Rickard: Yeah but we are on winter jam and that was huge! And then we did the Conan O’Brien show and the Tonight show with Jay Leno in the same week!
Manafest: I remember that man. Totally remember that!
Joe Rickard: And yeah that whole else was crazy! Flying out to L.A. doing Conan. Flying back doing winter jam and all these huge shows! Our albums out, [00:06:15]. And then we fly back out to L.A. again to do the tonight show.
Then back to winter jam. Everything that was going on there was just; that was a crazy time in my life!
Manafest: Yeah!
Joe Rickard: Couldn’t believe anything that was going on!
Manafest: Yeah.
Joe Rickard: After that I was just wow!
Manafest: Like it’s happening. I did it!
Joe Rickard: I know! What is my life right now? After that point I was I could be done and move on and be satisfied.
Manafest: Yeah.
Joe Rickard: I think that’s why [00:06:43]. But it’s also I really been a whole lot with it! Very accomplished with my life! So far.
Manafest: Totally! It’s like you got new goals and stuff. I know for me; I know my family and certain friends. When I left my computer job to pursue music they thought I was absolutely crazy! They just didn’t understand and sometimes it just between you and God.
I always tell people wherever you are at, sometimes you just have to let it go what’s in your hands so God can give you what’s in his hands. Life’s a journey, right? You just got to listen to that voice I find more and more. He never steers you wrong at the end of it.
Joe Rickard: Yeah man. Totally! He just wants us to listen to him. He has a complete plan for us. And he’s like, “Trust me if you get what I wanted you to do, you’re going to be happier and you get what you wanted to do!”
Manafest: Yeah.
Joe Rickard: Whether that’s being in a big rock band or having some high paying job or whatever it is. If he wants you to do something else, you’re going to be happier living on the street being homeless. If he wants you to do that than living in a mansion on [00:08:00]. If you’re not supposed to be doing that. He gives you that happiness and that is something I truly learned a little fast few years.
I just had this [00:08:10]. That I’ve found. But I’ve never; I hadn’t felt it in a while and I think it’s because I was ignoring him.
Manafest: It’s amazing that when we listen to him and put him first. Sometimes the grass is isn’t always greener on the other side and sometimes it is. It’s just making crazy decisions because I feel like I’ve made some crazy decision lately too. It just figuring it out and walking these things out and trusting him is a big deal. That kind of leaves me to my next question.
Which is the whole them of the podcast is a fighter who is someone who never fails. A fighter is someone who never quits. And I want to see if you could maybe share a dark moments. Maybe a struggle whether with the band or just life or just something you went through and you were just about to quit. Giving up; but you didn’t. And maybe why? Just any story.
Joe Rickard: I want to say back before I’ve got to R3D. I’ve been touring for a few years and I just really wanted to keep doing that. It ended up not being in a band again. I ended up moving back to Texas. Moving back into my mom’s house which is depressing. It’s depressing to be out on the road and doing that and being in the industry. And you’re dream is moving forward and all of a sudden it just goes away and just stops.
Manafest: Yeah.
Joe Rickard: That’s a tough time and I felt really alone. Like I really did. I didn’t have, hardly any friends back when my mom was [00:10:12]. Everybody kind of moved away. Most of my friends from high school were in college. [00:10:16].
I went back to the job that I have when I was 16. I’d called my old boss back, took my old job. I had no gig back then. I was having a lot of problems with my dad. My dad had promised me some things and basically changed his mind.
We ended up not talking for 2 years at all. With all that stuff going on and that job and I was seeing this girl. That was weird and she ended up getting really weird on me. And I just never heard back from her. I just don’t know what happen.
I guess I [00:11:08]. Dark time and out of nowhere I got this call to go out on the road with R3D. It just took a little time. I shouldn’t have locked the faith so easily. I think I was just under stress and things like that. But that was definitely a struggle in my life.
Manafest: Isn’t it amazing how it gets sometimes the darkest and the struggle right before something really cool is about to come into our lives. How are we to know that? So I guess that’s where that trust and that faith just has to come in. Because I know it was for me when I was doing this tour. I was buying on too and it was terrible.
I was not getting paid and it was rough. I had my paying job offer right there and I wanted to take it so bad but instead I went through the struggle. I wanted to quit so bad and then Japan ended up popping off for me. And some other things that is like, “How are you to know this?” And I guess for people listening out there I just want to encourage you that, “You don’t know when the breakthrough is going to happen.”
That is where trust and I think faith really comes in and perseverance. You got to hold on.
Joe Rickard: I think a big lessons I’ve learned at this point in my life is something that I’ve wished I would’ve known when I was younger especially even going through R3D. I doesn’t matter what you’re in. Being in that band was great! And I love those guys and that band to death! But we have struggles like anybody.
Any band that [00:12:47]. Big or small they all have struggles. And when you’re in the middle of it. You tend to get sucked in too much to the drama or whatever is going on or whatever bad happens or your bus broke down or missed a show. Whatever it is, instead of doing that I wished.
I would’ve taken a step back and just looked at my life and whether those stuffs are bad or not, I’m living this dream that I never thought I would’ve enable to accomplish. And in the middle of it right now, instead of being upset or depressed.
One day I should just continuously be thankful and happy for what I have. And I think that’s what I’m trying to remind myself every day.
Manafest: Dude, totally!
Joe Rickard: I’m in this new journey in my life. And just being too thankful for where I’m at. I would’ve been a cop. Which is a big dream of mine? I have this new business but I’ve always wanted to start but I’ve never had the time in doing that and growing it.
And it’s so rewarding to me and I am waiting to see what’s next of my career. And I still get turning up opportunities all the time.
Manafest: Cool man.
Joe Rickard: But. Let’s just remind us that every day and just be thankful because if I’m truly following what God wants then I’m in the right place. So why would I be upset where I’m at.
Manafest: Yeah. Dude you’re speaking my language! Oh my goodness! I was talking to other guys the other night about that and being thankful. Sort of complaining, just pray and be thankful.
Don’t be anxious for nothing but enjoy the journey because even if we get what we want. What we think we want right now. Once we get that you’re going to want something else. It’s just a continuation.
Joe Rickard: I feel like we all want something more. And that’s a struggle with musician. All my music industry friends whether they are working for a label or they are in a band. Whatever it is, everybody is chasing something bigger constantly.
Manafest: Yeah.
Joe Rickard: You want you’re band to be bigger. Or you want a solo album. Play bigger shows and want to make more money. Want to have more tour busses. You want to have more production stage.
You want all these things and when you see you’re other friends they are like, “Oh man that band they’re doing really well! I want to be doing what they’re doing. Why didn’t I have what they have?” Everybody, people get those attitudes. There is no point.
We all have a different plan for our lives. Some of our plans are to never tour, never play music and be on the stage. Never have that [00:15:28]. Some people want to be some big rock stars or whatever it is. I don’t know man, that is something I always wanted when I was younger and I was chasing this worldly dream instead of chasing God’s dream.
It’s just been good to take a step back and take a break from the road. Touring so much, to figure my life out.
Manafest: That’s cool man. Well you semi-answered it dude but I have one more question for you to kind of cap it off here. What advice would you give to any drummers or just musicians period? Maybe interested in a career in music. What would you say to them?
Joe Rickard: I would say; first and foremost make sure that you truly love it. That you really want to do it that every day you wake up itching to play. That’s how I feel about drums still. Every day go play all the time because that’s what I want to do.
Because I continuously want to get better and better because I have this love just for the instrument in general. And if you have that kind of love then that’s something you really want to do. If you’re just kind of, “I don’t know what I want to do in my life, maybe play drums.” I don’t know. Playing music is a tough drug.
Many years of; for most people many years of making no money and struggling sleeping around couches and playing with broken drums and whatever you can and trying to get by.
Manafest: It’s not cheap. It’s an expensive instrument!
Joe Rickard: It’s very expensive but if you love it then do it! In saying that; I encourage everybody to practice and practice and just practice all the time. Fine, if you want to have a band, find people that want it as bad as you because you’re only going to go as far as the weakest person in your band. If they don’t really want it that bad then they shouldn’t be doing this with you. Find people that want it that bad.
That is why R3D has this [00:17:26]. Because Randy, Anthony and Mike. These are the guys that are in the band, they all want it just as bad as the next guy. I wanted as bad as them. The four of us worked so well together because we all wanted it so bad. And that is something you got to find.
I would just say; the great thing about the music industry is stuff is networking. It’s all about who you know. If you can play and you’re good. It doesn’t come down to if you’re phenomenal like crazy good drummer or if you can just play because 90% of gigs are just got to be [00:18:07]. Play with the metronome and play the parts.
It’s nothing crazy hard. But it’s all about whom you know and being in a good hang and having a good attitude. Just being happy where you’re at. People don’t like somebody who complains or ask for raises soon.
Manafest: Don’t be a jerk!
Joe Rickard: Exactly! I said, “Music industry is very small. Everybody knows everybody else.”
Manafest: That’s cool man.
Joe Rickard: Anybody trying to get into it. I would just; break into it. Break into your local music scene. Meet people. Start doing shows. Find a band that needs somebody to be a drummer, guitar player, whatever you play.
Get into that band or start a band. Maybe take some music classes. Learn some music theory. A big thing with music is being able to write songs. The song writers are the one that controls the music industry because they’re the ones that write all the music and the most talented part of it is because they can come up with the new songs and the new ideas and they’re the ones that make the money and make the big winnings and things like that.
And then the guy that I looked up too now that’s what they’re trying to do. Write songs. I don’t know. It’s definitely a crazy step in life but if you want it then go for it.
Manafest: Absolutely! Well dude where can people can connect with you? If they want to connect with you.
Joe Rickard: I’m always on instagram and twitter.
Manafest: Yes you are.
Joe Rickard: I would love people to follow me on there. My twitter is just my name Joe Rickard and then my instagram is dejoerickard because some dude has joe rickard on his account. He’s got like 30 followers. Hey Joe Rickard if you are listening to this; give me your account…
Manafest: Give me my account dude.
Joe Rickard: It’s just names
Manafest: Okay so there it is man! I’m a fighter podcast interviewing my buddy Joe Rickard former drummer of the band R3d. Still drumming and still rocking it out! Hope you guys found that super inspiring to not quit. To put all your effort in that man.
A lot of good take aways there. From playing your instrument, practicing it, networking. Not quitting. Because you don’t know when you’re breakthrough is coming. It could be just around the corner.
So look up Joe on instagram there, twitter. I also want to encourage you guys; if you are more interested into getting in to the music industry check out, “smartmusicbusines.com” that’s my website right there where I send you some free training videos most all on, “youtube.com” there has some stuff there. And then it will eventually send you into a sequence to eventually sign up the course launching your career as an artist.
Where I talk about everything from writing songs, to marketing on social media. Building your brand. Deciding on how you want to actually build this lifestyle. Whether you want to be a touring artist. Or you just want to write songs in the studio and really figuring it out and getting it out there.
Hiring a producer. We talked about it all. So you want to definitely check out that. Well hey; I want to remind you that a fighter is someone who never fails. A fighter is someone who never quits. So keep going, keep rocking. I’m going to play you guys; it’s a song, No Plan B featuring my buddy Koy from Crossfaith.

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